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Circumspecto - Showing you what others already see!

Circumspecto is a set of tools to show you how much information you give away with every webpage visit.


What is Circumspecto?

Circumspecto (verb) means to 'examine, inspect, look about, look round, pry, snoop, spy, watch for'.

Circumspecto is a set of software tools developed by Wolf Software which attempt to identify as much information about you and your browser, location & computer as possible. These tools came about after much research, experimentation and development.

There are no tricks, no smoke & mirrors and no slight of hand, non of the code we use within this site is doing anything particularly clever, and it is all information that any web site could collect if they were so inclinded.

The idea is not to scare you, the visitor, or to spy on you and record lots of information for nefarious purposes, but to show you the sorts of information that you freely give away every single time you visit a web page. The sort of information that is used to track you across the internet and delivery targetted advertisments and to build up behavioral profiles. The sort of information less ethical companies use to make money.

What it doesn't do?

Circumspecto does not store any of the information that is presented to you during or after the tests are complete. Wolf Software takes security and privacy very seriously and the idea is to help educate people not spy on them.

The only information that is recorded about your visit is standard web server log information, which is the IP address you visited from, the date and time of the visit and the page which you visited, this is the default configuration for most web servers on the internet today.

Example: - - [24/May/2014:10:32:16 +0100] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 600

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"Even if you're not doing anything wrong, you are being watched and recorded."
- Edward Snowden