Circumspecto - Information is power.

Circumspecto - Showing you what others already see!

Circumspecto is a set of tools to show you how much information you give away with every webpage visit.


How does it work?

All of the information presented to you is obtained using standard techniques well documented on the internet and one or two that we beleive are only known to us. We have no access to any special databases or collections of information and we can only work on the stanard information available or passed during the request for a standard web page.

We are not using any custom written flash or java applets, everything that we are doing is done in JavaScript or PHP. In theory anyone with the time and skills could duplicate most of this site and gather the same information about you that we have.

For example every web request you make includes your IP address, we use this address to work out what country you are located in and also to work out who your internet provider is.

Every web request also includes a 'user agent' string which declares to the web server what type of browser is connecting, this information allows us to identify your browser name, version, if your a mobile phone, laptop or desktop and much more.

Most web browsers run JavaScript which is used to allow web sites to function more dynamically and allows for some of the really cool modern web sites, it also allows us to inspect your browser more deeply and gain extra information.

In short there is a lot of information passed around between your web browser (and device) and a web server, which allows people to gather a lot of information about you.

There is no need to panic or become paranoid, there are lots of tools out there to help provide better privacy including a simple all in one tool called NinjaStik.

Finally please remember this site is for educational and demonstration purposes only, we do not record or store any of the information that is presented to you.

"Even if you're not doing anything wrong, you are being watched and recorded."
- Edward Snowden